About us

Mission Statement
The Zimbabwe Community Network is a proactive organization which seeks to promote and protect the interests of Zimbabweans though social, financial and interactive programmes and activities

Home away from Home

Subject to the availability of funding we hope to achieve the following:

  1. To build an effective and accountable organisation with strong membership participation that will catter for Zimbabweans and their interests
  2. To facilitate the intergration of Zimbabweans in Ireland and to network purposefully with other organisations and communities
  3. To support Zimbabweans living in Ireland economicaly, socialy, personaly and in career development
  4. To disseminate information of general interest to Zimbabweans including information on consular affairs
  5. To promote social intergration amongst Zimbabweans and preserve national pride and identity
  6. To develop an investment and humanitarian assistatnce initiative for Zimbabweans

Following the sudden and untimely death of Margaret a Zimbabwean lady who was living in Dublin, Ireland some Zimbabweans and friends who were involved in caring for her decided on the idea of a social club. A meeting was held in Dublin, on Saturday 11 October 2008 to discuss the formation of a social club to catter for the needs of Zimbabweans living abroad.

The idea has since grown to bring together Zimbabweans, friends of Zimbabweans, and other nationalities so that we can work towards a common goal for the benefit of everyone. Unless we decide to come together we will never realise a our dreams and aspirations.